Arounds : Cultural and Historical Activities

  • Dunkirk
    • Port Museum : Alone or with your family, come through the centuries and the great history of the Dunkirk port and Plunge into the daily lives of men and women who work on the docks or on board vessels.
    • Museum of Fine Arts : The Museum of Fine Arts is now home to Dunkirk both paintings and sculptures of the major European schools of the 16th to 19th century as portraits, aerial photographs and objects relating to the history of Dunkirk, the port or its inhabitants.
    • Camelus Farm : Come and see these farm, farming ostriches but also an animal park where coexist nearly 40 species of 4 hectares (kangaroo, emu ...)
    • Ecomusée/Ferme du Bommelaers Wall : In a green, flowers and charming (ranked 1st in the department competition of museums flowered in 2002), the Bommelaers Wall Ecomuseum, in its former stables and barns, the history of farm and the life of the past in Flanders Maritime.
  • Helfaut
    La Coupole : This is one of the great vestiges of the Second World War in Europe, and a Center for the History and Memory, which recalls events from the historical heritage common to all Europeans now living on a peaceful continent.
  • Boulogne
    Nausicaa : NAUSICAÄ is a Discovery Center of the marine environment unique to both entertaining, educational and scientific, mainly focusing on the relationship between Man and the Sea.
  • Desvres
    Pottery Museum : The pottery history.
  • Esquerdes
    The House of Paper: The Passionnante history of the paper you to live the history of the paper, its invention in China when he arrived in Europe by the mythical "paper road", the origins of the paper industry to the regional technology.
  • Lille
    • Museum of fine Arts : The Palais des Beaux-Arts is one french first museums outside Paris, through its collections of the highest order.
    • Natural History Museum : The Natural History Museum in Lille ranks among the first museums in the provinces.
  • Lewarde
    Museum of the mine : He keeps 15000 objects and offers guided tours by former miners in a mine reconstituted.
  • Amiens
    Samara: Historical and playful Park of prehistory.

Our region is very rich in historical and cultural activities. Our tourist offices can give you a complete list of activities according to your age or taste.