Arounds : Our Traditions and events

Carnival Carnival The carnival is a great popular festival, bringing together over several weeks of men, women and children from all walks of life, of all ages. It is carnival around Mardi Gras, for 1 week, but some carnival for 3 months by going to all the bands that are taking place in Flanders sea around Dunkirk. This tradition owes its origins to the fishermen who went to Iceland for several months and were not assured of returning. It was therefore a great feast with their families and village prior to their departure. It may be carnival walking through the streets of cities on the music being disguised. There is a mix of marches, rowdiness and tributes to the heroes of the north. We call it "Making the Band ". You can also go to carnival balls.
Giants Giants Everywhere in the north, at festivals and events, we could see the giants. These are characters painted cardboard pulp and armed with a structure of wicker. They are symbols of cities and may represent imaginary heroes, historical figures or even animals. Worn by one or more persons, they travel alone or in pairs, sometimes in family. The Giants are born, grow up, get married, starting a family and die like men. Among the most famous: Gayant, Douai (first birth), Reuze Papa and Reuze Mamamn to Cassel, Martin and Martine in Cambrai, Binbin in Valenciennes, Bimberlot to Le Quesnoy, Gargantua in Bailleul, etc.…
The Ducasses The Ducasses Ducasse is a traditional village feast in Belgium and northern France. You will find rides, entertainment venues, regional products and sometimes dancing.